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Maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you’ll get lucky.

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Three Snarry Recs


Before I get back to work, I just wanted to throw these up for anyone who might be interested. I hear a lot about how the Sherlock fandom has the best fic, and there is some miiiiighty fantastic fic here. I also read - though I haven’t in awhile, for various reasons - Snape/Harry, and if that’s not a pairing that sends you screaming in the other direction (and I know it is for some), lemme introduce you to three absolutely exquisite fics. All of them are AU, in which Snape lived; two were written before the series was finished (I think?), one I know was not. Everyone here is an adult, albeit with a 20-year age difference (cf. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, and keep in mind that Alan Rickman was a good 20 years older than Snape was supposed to be).

1. Snape, the Home Fries Nazi (pir8fancier, 28k, E; warnings for homophobic violence)

The author’s description: “When Harry defeats Voldemort, all those marked by Voldemort lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he becomes a fry cook in a diner. Five years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry comes to him for advice. AU, obviously, as Snape was still alive when I wrote this story.”

But what makes this story really fantastic is its American southwest setting, the fact that Snape remains completely in-character as a hard-nosed, implacable short-order cook, how Harry matures throughout, and the amazing cast of OCs that populate the staff of the diner. To wit:

"Mr. Perez, you have been smoking." Snape’s disembodied voice came through the screen.

"No, Mr. Smith," Juan lied. Harry and Juan shared a conspiratorial grin.

"You are lying, Mr. Perez. I would like to get home sometime this century, Mr. Potter."

Juan rolled his eyes and then beckoned Harry behind the dumpster with a sneaky finger. “Been meaning to tell you, don’ get on Carlos’ shit list. Okay? Like I done some really bad shit. Stuff I’m not proud of, but what I done is Sunday school compared to Carlos. They just haven’t found the bodies. You read me?”

Harry nodded.

"He done some really bad shit, hasn’t he?" Juan whispered, looking toward the back door.

Harry looked down and didn’t answer. How do you translate “Death Eater” into Muggle and then American?

"S’okay. I know. Can see it in his eyes. He got eyes like us. Hard in the middle. That’s why he understands about second chances. Really hard to come back from shit like that. Real hard." Juan paused. "But you, Harry, I can’t figure you out, man. You had bad shit done to you. Can see that too. What you doing here?"

Harry heaved a mat across his shoulders. “Sometimes when you have bad shit done to you, you need a second chance too.”

Juan shook his head. “That’s fucked, man.”

2. Sing A Mad Rebellion (femmequixotic, 56k, E)

The author’s description: 

The State Security Forces come not in the middle of a dark night as one might expect, but on a bright, sunshiny Sunday morning just after the sausages are set on the kitchen table.

I wrote a review for this one back in the day, which I’ll just post here: 

This is not your slightly-older-sister’s Snarry. At first glance, “Sing A Mad Rebellion” sounds like an fantastical AU: set in 2019, it situates the Wizarding world in an impeccably-rendered contemporary setting in which Harry Potter, MP for the Diagon Diaspora, and Severus Snape, leader of the underground English Liberation Army, meet again after nearly two decades, first as adversaries, later as allies, and ultimately as lovers. Here, Harry is seen by the Wizarding world as the turncoat face of the fascist Muggle government, while Snape’s role in the rebellion has become the stuff of modern legend, and it is this reversal of roles which is but the first of many revelations.

Yet, while “Sing A Mad Rebellion” may seem like more fantastic AU, it’s not - and that’s a big part of its brilliance. The author weaves the familiar Wizarding world into the contemporary dystopia of an England ruled by the Coalition government through details that render it both recognizable and - because of that - all the more horrifying in its targeted decay. In the end, it’s the familiar territory of Snape and Harry’s relationship that sees the reader through what can, at times, be a harrowing read. What begins as a frail friendship, brought to life with references to the past that resonate even in this future, becomes something beautiful and rich as Harry and Snape learn to work together and trust one another anew. A little bit V for Vendetta, a little bit State of Play, and very, very Snarry, this is an amazing, and amazingly well-rendered, story, the perfect read for a long trip (let the masses have their Tom Clancy!) or just a quiet weekend.

3. In Perpetuity (starcrossedgirl, 11k, E; hurt/comfort, tw: depression)

The author’s description: “Some stories in life repeat in the same old patterns. Until they change.”

My (old) review: 

BDSM-themed stories have attained a certain popularity throughout fandom in recent years, and this is nowhere more apparent than in Snarry. Yet, it takes a deft hand to wield a theme not always well-understood or utilized in such a way that it reveals unsuspected, but wholly true, complexities in Snape’s and Harry’s characters. “In Perpetuity” accomplishes just that, and it is for that reason that this is a story for all Snarry readers. This is a gossamer tale of Snape’s utter defeat following the Wizarding war; stripped of magic and discarded by Wizarding society, he is bereft of that servitude which has heretofore defined him, and so he lingers in a gray half-life doing little more than passing the days in a cold, ever-increasingly bleak haze. It is in this state that he is discovered by a sympathetic Harry, who brings him home in the hope that he might be able to breathe life back into his former – and formerly irascible – professor. Snape begins to respond in the only way he knows, interpreting Harry’s every utterance through his own lens of servility; but Harry, recognizing that this is but one facet of a more complex Severus, offers him a way of fulfilling dark needs while at the same time rekindling the spark that had once animated him. Beautiful and delicate, “In Perpetuity” rewards the Snarry reader – and, in particular, writer – with a careful meditation on the liberating power of acts of creation and imagination.

So, just. If it’s a pairing you think you might be even remotely interested in, or if you just love good fic, no matter what, have a look. These are all really fantastic.

Art and Nature - PoppyAlexander - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


the-science-of-induction recced this fic yesterday, and I just wanted to second the rec; it’s a Johnlock AU set against the backdrop of a Downton Abbey-esque estate, in which Sherlock is the butler and John the newly-hired gardener. It’s gentle, sweet, and loving - John here is a romantic and drawn to Holmes from the very start, and Sherlock unfolds beautifully here. If you’re looking for something soft and virtually conflict-free, this is just lovely. And there’s a longer part two that’s just as charming, with just a pang of near-bittersweetness for flavor.


Glass Dagger by libera/Tatsumi, purchased at Movies Paradise 21 (Feb. 2014)

Summary: Sherlock and John attend a wedding for a case.  

I’m not sure if the artist saw S3 before completing this doujin, but Sherlock is directly compared to the dark-haired bride.  The time would be quite tight (I’m assuming the art would have to be sent off to a printer to be ready in time for the February market), but perhaps they finished this not long after the UK airing.  Certainly images of the S3 wedding were available long before then, so perhaps those were the main inspiration for Glass Dagger.

I also enjoyed(?) the juxtaposition of Sherlock and John in formal wedding attire walking off, arms around each other, into London’s cloudy skyline (final page of the comic) with an image of the two in everyday attire, now facing different directions under an empty (but still cloudy) sky.  This endpaper image could be a metaphor for the turmoil of S3: John and Sherlock look away from each other and may not even be moving in the same direction.  Sherlock looks at the viewer, which feels like a reference to the Sherlock POV of S3, but I have no idea if this is a deliberate choice to mirror that POV.  Sherlock’s expression is neutral; no quiet smile as on the previous page, but no overt signal of sadness.  I can’t read the inscription, but the use of the numeral 3 may refer to S3 (can anyone confirm that?).  Still, I do think we’re meant to see that the easy intimacy of the comic is not present in canon ‘verse.    

It says “Next I’d like to write something set in Season 3. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s agonized cries (阿鼻叫喚 Abikyokan - apparently two Buddhist hells, but means “pandemonium” or “agonized cries). Which sounds like this doujinshi isn’t actually meant to reflect S3 specifically. It sounds like she watched it before it aired late last month..?

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Pink Martini
¿Dónde estás, Yolanda?

This is the salsa/rumba that is playing in the restaurant when Sherlock interrupts the proposal.

Oh Pink Martini!

Either they used this song on purpose or didn’t bother to check a translation but it’s FANTASTIC. I did a quick, albeit rough translation of it:

Where are you, where are you, Yolanda?

What happened, what happened, Yolanda?

I looked for you, I looked for you, Yolanda

And you’re not there, and you’re not there Yolanda 

(repeat x2)

Your eyes gazed at me

Your lips kissed mine

With that burning fire,

A woman’s burning fire

The light in your eyes

The fire of your lips

Pierced through my chest and I fell in love with you

Where are you, where are you Yolanda?

What happened, what happened Yolanda?

I looked for you, I looked for you, Yolanda

And you’re not there, and you’re not there, Yolanda

(repeat x4)

They told me they saw you around

In a car, Yolanda

Very beautiful and arrogant

And they all whistled at you

If I were to find you one day

I don’t know what I’d do

I don’t know, I would go crazy

If I never saw you again

Where are you, where are you, Yolanda?

What happened, what happened, Yolanda?

I looked for you, I looked for you, Yolanda

And you’re not there, and you’re not there, Yolanda 

(repeat x2)

How lovely — I didn’t have time last night to search this down, but I also had similar thoughts re: the song being about someone looking for his or her missing lover. The narrator here could be either John or Sherlock, but either way, it’s a song about longing for someone who has gone away. And the instrumentation is just camp enough (more Casino Royale than Empty House) to undermine the whole gesture — a narrative technique we got quite the fill of last night in the new episode.

ETA: THIS. Jesus H. Christ, this. My narrative-play-loving self LOVED this tension; my CLOSURE DAMMIT CLOSURE-seeking self was busy banging my head on the wall. Beautifully put.


Let’s pretend it’s warm today.


Let’s pretend it’s warm today.